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The Law Offices of Steven R. Ballinger has been providing
competent, affordable and experienced health law services in the South Florida community since 1994.







Heath Care Contracting


We offer contract drafting services to providers and health care organizations with a viriety of business venture agreements, provider agreements, employment and contractor agreements, aquisitions and mergers.


The Law Offices of Steven R. Ballinger will help you navigate the complex fields of healthcare contracting, including compliance with the Anti-Kickback, Patient Brokering and Stark laws, as well as other pertenent state and federal laws and regulations.




Licensing and Credentialing


Our firm can assist in certification and licensing for individual providers and health care entities.


Experienced representation with licensing and certification issues with the Department of Health (DOH), Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and the like.

Fingerprinting and Backgroud Exemptions

Numerous providers with past issues are now finding they may be barred from serving in various positions or providing Medicaid services.

We can help you navigate the Exemption Process, including record gathering, interviews and appeals.

Health Provider
License Defense


Steven R. Ballinger has been handling license defense cases, from administrative hearings to appeals, since 1987.

Mr. Ballinger has made numerous appearances before the Board of Medicine, Board of Ostepathic Medicine, Board of Podiatry, Board of Nursing and etc.


He has handles administrative matters before the FDA, CMS, DEA and other federal agencies


Compliance Consultations and Plans


We provide experienced consultation with various health care providers and entities on a broad range of health care compliance issues, including freaud and abuse, DEA regulation, HIPAA and HITECH, scope of practice, and other aspects of state and federal legislations and/or regulations affecting thje health care industry.

We can prepare an appropriate and meaningful compliance plan tailored to the individual needs and scale of your practice or health care organization.

General Health Care Law Practice


Contact us for information on other health law services offered by the Law Offices of Steven R. Ballinger, including, but not limited to hospital priviledge issues, provider audits and recoupments, personal representation in malpractice cases and much more.


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